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Corbett Center Student Union

Built in 1968, with a subsequent $8.3 million renovation completed in 1996, Corbett Center is the place to dine, study, relax with friends, do your banking or book shopping, check your snail mail - and your e-mail via the wireless network- watch movies or play games. Corbett Center is also home to the university-s student government, the Associated Students of New Mexico State University (ASNMSU), the Office of Services for Students with Disabilities, KRUX radio station, Greek Life, ID Services, and the Department of Campus Activities. Corbett Center also host the Career Fair in its large ball rooms. In December, Corbett Center is the center of a favorite campus tradition, Noche de Luminarias (Night of Lights). More than 6,000 luminarias will line the International Mall and the path from the Pan American Center to Corbett Center Student Union.