Memories Around The Table!!

Nothing can replace the aroma of wooden table. The table made using man-made or engineered materials cannot replace the quality ofthe wooden table. Many people prefer the natural orientation with these wooden tables; it could be a side table or coffee table or a cot or a dining table. Everyone likes the “Natural touch and the aroma of the earth” in the wooden furniture.


There is a saying “Meals and Memories are made around the wooden tables”. Thus in many houses they preserve and handle their wooden tables like dining table, study table and office table with care and pass on to the next generation.


The best example is that, in renowned institutions or organization or government offices, the office table in the Vice Chancellor room orthe Principal room or thePresidents room plays a vital role in the history of that place sets of furniture for living room.


Most of the political and governing history revolvesaround these tables. On the other way, the wooden table has its stand in the renowned movies, novels and stories. In many magical or historical movies,the secret chamber would be the wooden tables with many hidden cases and more mysteries hidden behind.


In the ancient history many wooden tables were made using many secret cases and drawers for various purposes.  Today the most expensive antiques are the wooden furniture which was made years ago.

It is an impeccable fact that, wooden tables not only have the capability to absorb stains, it also absorbs the people’s memory. For example these wooden tables are used in variety of places likes, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Homes, Office, Conferences,etc. In all these places the discussion or sharing of thoughts happens around the wooden tables. After a long duration again when people gather or meet at these places infront of these tables, immediately the wooden tables starts emitting the good old memories that happened once around it.


There are many types of tables like,Poker tables, Billiards tables, Table tennis Table, Snooker Table,Foldable tables, Expandable tables, etc.

These wooden tables are made up of many woods of various thickness and colour like,Maple, Oak, Rose, Teak, Walnut, Neem,Ash, Beech,Pine, Cherry etc. Every wood differs in its unique colour, quality and texture.

Nowadays the wooden tables range a wide variety of designs, sizes, styles and colours.

Custom Workshop:

Every furniture company has its own workshop to satisfy the customer needs.Today most of the furniture companies get orders for customized furniture of different shapes, sizes, thickness, styles, colours and textures. Hence these furniture companies have their own crafts mans who are wellexperienced workers and uses technical tools to assist them.Some popular table styles are farm house tables, Round tables, Pedestal tables, A-frame table andX-frame table. Generally a table contains a flat top and four legs. Hence, the table top and legs can be modelled in any way depending on the customer’s requirements.Every company providesa unique range of catalogue of exclusive design of tables.

The following are the three important processes used in wooden furnishings. They are sanding, staining and finishing. All these process have direct influence on the quality of the wood.



This method smoothens by eliminating the roughness on the surface of entire wood furniture. This method enhances the clarity of the texture of the wood used. Improvements in the sanding technique can be obtained by looking at various angles or orientations of furniture.



The natural look is enlightened through this method. It increases the natural colour of the wood. The textures can also be modified using this technique.


This techniquehelps in toning of the edges of the wooden furniture. It propels a satin smooth, glossy or matte finish on the table top.

Thus a high quality wooden table should be sanded, stained and finishing should be done on all sides including the underside of the furniture.

Tips to look into furniture before buying:


A through visual check should be performed on the chosen product. It should not have the following: Rough surface, broken or hairy edges, knots, discoloration, thin or thick scratches, zero dents, spots and unfinished coating. If you find any these or combination of the specified indication do not go for it.



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